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  • Reliable Range - Communication range of up to 100m/328ft (the distance from the sensors to the receiver In THE OPEN AIR) and detection range of the infrared sensor of approximately 5-8m/16-26ft to effectively keep you alerted.
  • Different Ringtones - The receiver is a doorbell design with 36 different ringtones for personal preferences.
  • User-Friendly - There are 3 mode choices (Sound/LED Flash/Sound and LED Flash) and 3 alert choices (High Volume Chime/Low Volume Chime/Alarm) from 25-80dB.
  • PIR Technology - Our sensor uses state-of-the-art passive-infrared (PIR) sensor to detect any movement within the detection range. Perfect for long or hidden driveways and allows you a fore warning when guests (or intruders) are approaching.
  • Expandable & DIY: 1 receiver can pair up to 5 PIR sensors and 1 PIR sensor can pair with multiple receivers. If you have more than one driveway or area you would like to monitor, just DIY and fulfill your needs.

Product Description

Style:1 Sensor + 1 Plugin Alarm

1byone Wireless Household Alert Security System is an easy-to-install and DIY home security system, which is perfect for your office, apartment or home. Just rest in absolute easy! 
The 1byone driveway alarm provides a solution to alert you the moment someone enters your property. It's convenient and especially, with an affordable price. When the movement is detected, the Passive Infrared (PIR) sensor sends a wireless signal to the receiver unit up to 100m/328ft away. There are 36 ringtones and 3 level volume for choose from,and a silent LED flash is also avaiable if you like. What's more, the receiver can pair with up to 5 sensors so that a large area could be secured. We offer many combinations of sensors and receivers, simply choose what best fits you! 

To avoid false alarms: 
Don't mount the PIR sensor in direct sunlight (as PIR detects moving heat sources) or in a place affected by wind. When installing the sensor outside, a shady place with minimal temperature fluctuation will be an ideal choice. Also, avoid mounting this device on UPVC or metal doorframe surfaces as this will affect the communication between the sensor and receiver. ion 

Power Supply (Receiver): AC 110-120V 60Hz 
Power Supply (PIR Sensor): 3 x 1.5V AAA batteries (not included) 
PIR Sensor Detecting range: 5 - 8 m / 16 - 26 ft 
Communication range: 100m / 300ft (IN THE OPEN AIR) 
Weather resistant of PIR Sensor: IP44 
Ring Volume of Receiver: 80dB ( within 0.5 m / 1.5ft ) 

Box Contents: 
1 x Receiver 
1 x PIR Sensor 
1 x Wall Plug 
1 x Screw 
1 x Instruction Manual

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